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Making Progress with Electrification

  • Marc Ziegler
80 Years of MTZ

Everyone is talking about electrification and it is often equated with the hybridization of vehicles. However, it is not in essence about adding electric drive motors or even replacing the combustion engine. The first stage involves introducing energy consumers and auxiliary units that are powered by electricity.

Electrifying the auxiliary units of combustion engines allows for considerable reductions in energy consumption, because the units no longer have to be directly driven by the engine. The introduction of electric fans for engine cooling represented the first step toward electrification, but the technology only really began to attract attention with the launch of the first start/stop systems. Customer acceptance increased when other systems in addition to the starter motor were modified. The main change was the electrification of the air conditioning compressor, which made it possible to run the system when the engine was switched off. The start/stop function also resulted in...

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