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Efficiency is the Key in Every Powertrain

  • Mathias HeerwagenEmail author
Conference Report

About 90 experts from industry and the academic world came together at the 7th ATZ Conference "Friction in the Powertrain and Vehicle" to discuss the measures needed to improve tribological properties and reduce CO2 emissions and to assess the challenges presented by electric mobility.

Automotive Industry under Pressure

Never before in the history of the automotive industry have vehicle manufacturers, industry suppliers, and development service providers been exposed to so much pressure. They have to achieve increasingly tough CO2targets and meet the requirements of test cycles under real driving conditions. This was the view expressed by Dr. Johannes Liebl, Editor in Charge of ATZ, MTZ and ATZelektronik, at the opening of the conference, which took place from November 20 to 21, 2018 in Esslingen/Neckar (Germany). The event, which now has the new title "Friction in the Powertrain and Vehicle," has been given a broader scope and now also considers aspects of the overall vehicle in...

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