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"Development goal is to eliminate knock in gasoline engines"

  • Marc Ziegler
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Higher injection pressures, pre-chamber ignition, and λ = 1 operation across the entire engine map are just some of the developments that will make the gasoline engine of the future more efficient and reduce fuel consumption. In this interview with MTZ, Prof. Michael Bargende, a member of the Board of Management of the Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart (FKFS), explains the potential of the new technology.

MTZ _ The injection pressures in gasoline engines are steadily increasing and figures of up to 800 bar are currently under discussion. Are there still benefits in a pressure that high or do the increase in the penetration depth and the unwanted wall wetting bring disadvantages for the combustion process?

Bargende _ I have even heard 1000 bar being discussed. However, the most important consideration is that you cannot look at all of this in isolation. From a secondary perspective, the increased injection pressure has clear advantages, but it is...

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