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"We are talking about completely electrified trucks"

  • Marc Ziegler
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The Traton AG comprises the commercial vehicle brands MAN, Scania, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and Rio. Anders Nielsen, Chief Technology Officer, is responsible for Group research and development. In the interview with MTZ, he presents his vision of the future movement of goods and the current state of development.

MTZ _ Electrification has reached commercial vehicles on a huge scale. Can you compare the technical trend in passenger cars with the one happening to commercial vehicles at the moment?

Nielsen _ I would say there are some similarities, but also differences. In commercial vehicles, electrification is coming up for two reasons. One is the upcoming legislation for sure. But more important is that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) continues to drop. Trucks - in contrast to passenger cars - are machinery and our customers buy them to make money. So what we care for most is lowering the cost of operating a truck or bus. If you can do that, it makes a lot of sense to them. So...

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