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Volkswagen | Sustainable Plant for Electric Cars

Volkswagen is gradually increasing its production capacity for electric cars. The group's largest and highest-performance electric car plant is currently being built in Zwickau (Germany). In the future, up to 330,000 electric models per year will roll off the production lines there. In the initial stage of the process, the first of the two lines will be modified before production of the ID starts in November 2019. The second line at the plant will be changed over in the same way by the end of 2020. According to VW, the ID will be the first car with a fully CO 2-neutral production and supply chain, despite the fact that the energy-intensive process of manufacturing battery cells will take place at the Zwickau plant. In the final stage of the expansion, six electric models from three of the group's brands will be produced at the plant from 2021 onwards.

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