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Renault | New Engines for the Talisman and Espace

Renault is introducing three new Euro-6d temp engines for its Talisman and Espace models. Two new 2.0-l four-cylinder diesels, producing a maximum of 96 or 147 kW at 4000 rpm, 360 Nm at 1500 rpm or 400 Nm at 1750 rpm, replace the previous 1.6-l engines. Both have a six-speed dual clutch transmission and an SCR catalytic converter. The water-cooled intercooler is said to be more efficient than a conventional system and to provide a better response. Other special features include eight-hole injection nozzles that increase the swirl intensity of the fuel in the combustion chamber and a low-friction diamond-like carbon coating for cams and cylinder bores. The injection pressure has been increased by 700 bar to 2500. The third new arrival is a 1.8-l four-cylinder gasoline engine with direct fuel injection and a twin-scroll turbocharger, which produces maximum power of 165 kW at 5600 rpm and 300 Nm of torque at 1750 rpm. It is combined...

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