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Pre-Chamber Ignition as a Key Technology for Future Powertrain Fleets

  • Marc Sens
  • Emanuel Binder

Pre-chamber ignition is a key technology that can make spark-ignition engines gradually more efficient. An in-house development by IAV shows fuel saving potentials of 2 to 9 % in WLTC. Pre-chamber ignition is not a new technology, but there are still big challenges such as cold operation at low loads or the mixture preparation with active operation. IAV shows new solutions for these challenges. Therefore, both passive and active pre-chamber with a novel low-pressure air/fuel injection system are used and complementary combustion technologies added, which profit from the specific advantages of pre-chamber ignition.

Motivation and Objectives

To achieve the common goal of a sustainable approach to our environment, the transport sector must also make its contribution to CO 2neutrality by 2050 at the latest. It is less about predicting which types of powertrains will have exactly what market share in the future, but rather about optimally adapting the powertrains to the specific...



The authors would like to sincerely thank Paul- Benjamin Reinicke, Andreas Benz, Marcus Wöbke, Lorenz von Römer, Michael Riess, Marco Pester, Annett Kunze, Max Weiland and Gerald Leben, IAV GmbH, for their support in the development of the valuable contributions to this publication.

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  • Marc Sens
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  • Emanuel Binder
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