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"Electric valve trains maximize my flexibility"

  • Alexander Heintzel
  • Marc Ziegler
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Ever-more stringent exhaust regulations are forcing manufacturers and suppliers to abandon familiar paths. While some progress has been made in electrification, there is still a great deal of potential. This is not only about hybridization, but also turbocharging, the valve train and auxiliary units. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Reiff explains the potential to further develop combustion engines and hybrid systems, and the effects of new laws on a testing service provider such as KST Motorenversuch.

MTZ _ Manufacturers are leveraging drivetrain electrification to help run the fuel-efficient Atkinson cycle, even under partial load. Is this method transferable to the Miller cycle, and do you suspect the procedure will be widely accepted?

Reiff _ Let's discuss this from the opposite perspective: The 48-V option is increasingly gaining acceptance, offering optimal conditions for electric valves. Moreover, given the ever-increasing electrification of the oil pump, water pump and other auxiliary units,...

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