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Turbodiesel Outboard Engine with Twin Crankshaft

  • Claus Bruestle

Since 2007 there was no offering anymore of diesel outboards in the important power segment around 50 hp in the commercial outboard market. Neander Motors AG is closing this gap with a newly developed two-cylinder twin diesel outboard engine with a new and state-of-the art design, the Dtorque 111. The application of a counter rotating twin crankshaft system together with advances in balancing techniques create an engine unique in NVH and operator friendliness.

History and Motivation

Neander has long-lasting experience in developing two-cylinder diesel engines, demonstrated by the introduction of the world's first two-cylinder diesel engine motorcycle in 2006 [1]. The 50-hp outboard market segment for commercial boat applications was identified to be optimal for introducing vibration-free und low noise emitting diesel engines with their thermodynamic advantages. The design with two counter-rotating crankshafts creates the key basis. Not only mass forces in cylinder axis are dramatically...



The Author thanks for the help of well-known companies and institutes of the established engine industry. As examples only - without claiming to be complete - Bosch, Alfing, BorgWarner, Shell, Alfa Laval, Iwis, Mahle-Koenig, Schaeffler and the School for Applied Sciences in Munich, FEV, Auburn Hills and Aachen, are listed. Also to the production and distribution partners, Steyr Motors und Yanmar, and all his former valued employees and colleagues, the author owes esteem and a respectful thank you.

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  • Claus Bruestle
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  1. 1.Neander Motors AGKielGermany

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