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“Drive portfolio complexity will — and must — be reduced”

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Car manufacturers now face a decision which is both challenging and dictates how they go forward. Should they focus all their development efforts on politically driven electrification or should they also invest in other means of reducing vehicle emissions in parallel? Audi is pursuing a very broad strategy here, which also encompasses natural gas and synthetic fuels. Dr. Nikolai Ardey, Head of Powertrain Development at Audi, sheds light on the finer detail of this strategy in an interview with MTZ.

MTZ _ Dr. Ardey, Audi has set itself the ambitious, long-term goal of “zero emissions.” Reaching this goal requires electrification of the drives, but that’s not all. What contributions can battery-electric and hybrid vehicles make?

Ardey_ First of all, we have to define what this means, because “zero emissions” is over-simplistic. There are actually two aspects. One is pollutant emissions, which cause damage as environmental toxins. This is an area in which we impose very stringent and...

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