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Safeguarding of Complex Installation Spaces for Engine and Wheel Movements

  • Rainer Erbes
  • Andreas von DziegielewskiEmail author

With the help of a digital vehicle prototype, the movements of components in small installation spaces can be safeguarded with more efficiency. In this way, expensive and time-consuming adjustments to the hardware prototypes can be avoided. Rmags in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz has developed its digital mock-up software Melvis in order to analyze the clearance of engine and wheel movements at an early stage of development.

High-precision Motion Envelopes and Distance Bands

During the development of new vehicles, extensive measurements of engine and wheel movements are carried out under real driving conditions. With the digital mock-up software Melvis of the company Rmags, such measured movements can be transferred to a digital vehicle model and analyzed. The user is supported in virtual safeguarding and optimizing the installation space.

The use of the software is even possible in the early phase of the product development process, when no prototype vehicles have yet been built. In...



The authors express their gratitude to the following contributors: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Elmar Schömer (University of Mainz), Kathrin Gärtner, Nico Siebert, Daniel Renz, Michael Müller (all Mercedes-Benz), Dr. Kai Werth and Dominik Will (both Rmags).

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