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BMW | Daimler | Cooperation for Mobility Services

BMW and Daimler intend to establish a global mobility company called Jurbey to be located in Berlin (Germany). Both companies took a further step in January 2019 when they officially registered the deal with the European Commission. The registration shows that the partners have now addressed the most important market for the joint venture. Approval for the deal has already been applied for with the appropriate authorities in various countries and is in the process of being granted. According to Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, the goal is to create a globally strong player for seamless, intelligent and networked mobility services. BMW boss Harald Krüger says that the future of urban mobility will be determined in cities such as Berlin. The two companies are aiming the planned eco-system directly at the urban mobility requirements of tomorrow: intelligent, seamlessly networked and available by fingertip.

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