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New Interior Concepts for Occupant Protection in Highly Automated Vehicles

  • Frank LaakmannEmail author
  • Lothar Zink
  • Martin Seyffert

Higher levels of automated driving will give vehicle occupants greater freedom to move and open up new activity options in the interior. However, this requires that occupant protection systems also cover these different use scenarios. The purpose of this article is to illustrate the essential necessary actions that ZF has identified in order to develop adaptive system solutions for safely relaxing and working in the driver's seat.

More Freedom for Occupants

Automated Driving (AD), the electrification of the driveline and connectivity between vehicle and mobile devices are considered the main drivers of change in the automotive industry. In view of these three trends, vehicle architectures are also beginning to increasingly vary - depending on the concrete mobility concepts or application scenarios the particular automobiles are meant to serve.

A high Automated Driving Level 4 (AD L4 according to SAE) gives drivers more freedom: For example, they will be able to adjust their seats to...

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