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The Lightweight Forging Initiative - Phase III: Lightweight Forging Design for Hybrid Cars and Heavy-duty Trucks

  • Hans-Willi RaedtEmail author
  • Thomas Wurm
  • Alexander Busse

Due to the constantly improved possibilities of material-flow simulation, increasingly complex components can be forged. In its third phase, the Lightweight Forging Initiative which now incorporates international partners, too, demonstrates the lightweight design potential in a split-axle hybrid car and in sub-systems of a heavy- duty truck. Following optimizations in material lightweight design, solutions based on forging concepts are described here. In commercial vehicles in particular, lightweight design measures on the brake carrier, transmission countershaft and propshaft flange, for example, resulted in a considerable weight reduction of 124 kg.

Continuous Further Development

Following the in-depth analysis of measures for material lightweight design in its third phase on hybrid passenger cars and heavy trucks in ATZworldwide 3/2019 [1], the Lightweight Forging Initiative now discusses the lightweight design potential of new forging concepts.

Forging technology has undergone...

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  • Hans-Willi Raedt
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    Email author
  • Thomas Wurm
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  • Alexander Busse
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  1. 1.HirschvogelDenklingenGermany
  2. 2.GeorgsmarienhütteGeorgsmarienhütteGermany
  3. 3.fkaAachenGermany

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