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How CO2 is Transforming the Automotive Industry

  • Mathias HeerwagenEmail author
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The full potential of the combustion engine has not yet been exploited, but the process of improving its efficiency even further is becoming increasingly complex and costly. Vehicle manufacturers and automotive industry suppliers all over the world are therefore focusing primarily on electric and hybrid powertrains. An overview of the challenges, risks, and opportunities involved in electric mobility, highlighting the new market players and the possible losers.

A large outlay for a small return

Manufacturers are currently struggling to achieve tiny reductions in CO2 emissions in order to avoid the fines that will result from exceeding their fleet targets, but this involves complex test cycles and an increasing financial outlay.

No more significant advances will be made in engine development. The reductions in CO2amount to only fractions of a gram or a percentage. At the ATZlive Conference "Friction in the Powertrain and Vehicle" in Esslingen (Germany), Wolfgang Hanke, Senior...

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