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Thermal Management for Electrically Operated City Buses

  • Mario Bareiß
  • Daniel Vorgerd

In order to reduce the high energy consumption for heating, ventilation and air conditioning in city buses, good thermal management is important. The Mercedes-Benz eCitaro uses an efficient CO2 air conditioning system with heat pump for this purpose.

Challenges for electric buses

Regular-service city buses are more suitable for electric mobility than almost any other vehicle type - services and routes are fixed and can be calculated down to the last detail, the same applies to rechar-ging at the bus depot, too. On the other hand, public transport operators have clear requirements that city buses absolutely have to fulfill. The most important factor is operational planning with strictly specified processes. If this is not adhered to, the entire network of schedules, routes and required links is endangered. This is a challenge for battery-driven city buses: During this phase of rapid development in battery technology, they have to adapt to the requirements and not vice versa.

Range is...

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  • Mario Bareiß
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  • Daniel Vorgerd
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