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"Cameras also need light to recognize objects"

  • Gerd Bahnmüller
  • Mathias HeerwagenEmail author
Cover Story

Good light is essential for safe driving. But headlights and rear lights are also being increasingly used for brand recognition. In our interview, Gerd Bahnmüller, Vice President Research and Development at the automotive supplier Automotive Lighting, explains whether more pixels in matrix systems make sense, which role power consumption plays in the lighting system of electric vehicles, and whether laser headlights will also be available in the lower vehicle segments in the near future.

ATZ _ Gerd Bahnmüller, headlights have so far gone through the evolution stages of halogen, xenon, LED, and laser. Do halogen headlights still serve a useful purpose in 2019?

Bahnmüller _ At the moment, this list ends with LED headlights, because lasers will only be used as supporting components in LED headlights in the medium term. For the end customers, halogen headlights, which are based on decades of development, certainly still serve a useful purpose. Even if LED headlights are widespread in many...

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