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BMW | Dingolfing to Become E-competence Center

BMW is extending its factory in Dingolfing (Germany) and gearing up for the increase in demand for electric drives. Effective immediately, the component factory 02.20 will be renamed "BMW Group Competence Center E-Drive Production." Currently, remodeling and expansion activities are in progress, among other things, for the production of batteries for the electric Mini coming in 2019. In this area alone, the company is investing a mid-double-digit-million amount. To this end, a production line for battery modules and a battery assembly line are being installed over 6000 m² in the west wing of the factory. The motors for the electric Mini are produced in the neighboring factory in Landshut. A second expansion will occur at Dingolfing in 2020: This is the start of production for the fifth-generation electric drive systems for future electrified vehicles such as the BMW iX3, i4 and iNext models.

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