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All-in-one Propulsion Solution for HEVs and EVs

  • Alexandra NafariEmail author
  • Sebastien Mazoyer

BorgWarner has launched its first eDM electric drive module and is expanding the corresponding family by developing the iDM integrated drive module. The company's all-in-one propulsion solution for electric mobility combines transmission, electric motor and inverter technologies while offering a compact, integrated design.

Future Demands

The automotive industry is facing its biggest transition so far. Driven by urbanization, ever more stringent emissions regulations and increasing sustainability awareness, trends like electrification keep on growing. According to the IHS (Information Handling Services), Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) accounted for 3 % of the market in 2017, whereas pure Electric Vehicles (EVs) accounted for 1 %. The market research institute predicts strong growth in this segment - HEV sales will increase to 24 % while EV market penetration will reach about 5 % by 2023. As a result, both OEMs and suppliers need to adjust their product portfolio.

The electric Drive...

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