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Virtual Development of Active Front Lighting Systems

  • Matthijs KlompEmail author
  • Victor Wareborn
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Headlights that optimally illuminate the road and the vehicle's surroundings in every driving situation without dazzling other road users - in order to achieve this goal, Volvo Cars created a virtual development method allowing for early testing and validation of active front lighting functions. The method is well suited for both pure simulations and test rigs with physically integrated lighting system hardware.

Visibility Means Safety

In the United States, crashes that occur in the dark account for roughly half of all fatal crashes, as studies by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) indicate, while crashes on unlit roads make up more than a quarter [1]. It is therefore obvious that headlight technology plays a vital role in the prevention of nighttime crashes. For this reason, the automotive industry is working at full speed on new headlights which enable precise illumination of the road. The developments in recent years are impressive: first came high-beam...

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