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Definition of Scenarios for Safety Validation of Automated Driving Functions

  • Jan Sauerbier
  • Julian Bock
  • Hendrik Weber
  • Lutz EcksteinEmail author

As a central component of the safety validation methodology fka has developed a database of relevant scenarios. To this end, logical scenarios are defined and enhanced by action restrictions and dynamic occlusions. These definitions are elementary for scenario-based testing.

Proof of Safety Validation

Automation of the driving task has been an important topic in the automotive industry for some time now. With automated driving functions from level 3 on, according to VDA and SAE, the driving function takes over the longitudinal and lateral guidance as well as the monitoring of the driving environment from the human driver in limited applications [1, 2]. Various research projects and many test drives have shown that the technical developments for the use of such functions in production vehicles, especially on motorways, are generally available [3]. The central question for the transition from test to production system is how to prove that automated vehicles are safe.

In order to prove...



The authors would like to thank their colleagues Christian Rösener, Robert Krajewski, Johannes Hiller, Jens Klimke and Dr. Adrian Zlocki for their support and discussions on scenario definition.

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  • Jan Sauerbier
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  • Julian Bock
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  • Hendrik Weber
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  • Lutz Eckstein
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  2. 2.ikaAachenGermany

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