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Vehicle Occupant Movement in Pre-crash Maneuvers

  • Stefan OldersEmail author
  • Andreas Weinkopf
Cover Story

The increasing integration of active driver assist and safety systems can influence the occupant seating position by the intervention in longitudinal and transverse dynamics and future seating concepts. To ensure optimized protection furthermore, IAV relies especially on passenger compartment sensor systems in addition to environment sensing.

Initial Situation

On the way toward highly automated driving, it will be possible in future to give the driver additional degrees of freedom in relation to sitting position and activities beyond that of driving. Alternative drive concepts are changing conventional vehicle body structures, and modified spatial concepts are permitting new seat arrangements. The passenger compartment is turning into a haven of well-being.

These changes are posing additional challenges for the restraint systems, including a need for broader adaptability. These will remain indispensable for what is still an unforeseeable period because, despite all of the safety...

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