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16th ATZ Hamburg Body Construction Conference 2018

  • Thomas Siebel
Conference Report

More than 130 experts came together in Hamburg on May 8 and 9, 2018 to discuss the latest developments in the field of body construction. The central theme of the event was the new requirements that body builders will have to meet as a result of the changing trends in mobility.

Cities face challenges

In an era of ongoing population growth and increasing urbanization, new mobility solutions are urgently needed, as Ulrich Sieg, former Deputy Chairman and Technical Director of Hamburger Hochbahn, a major German public transport company, explained in his introductory speech. Germany also has challenges to overcome in this respect. Although it has a public transport system that is the envy of the world, the number of cars and other forms of private transport in its cities is continuing to grow.

Cooperation with a Volkswagen subsidiary

One approach taken by the city of Hamburg to tackling these problems is to enter into partnership with the Volkswagen subsidiary MOIA. This will allow the...

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