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4th ATZ Conference Driver Assistance Systems — From Assistance to Automated Driving

  • Mathias Heerwagen
Conference Report

On April 18 and 19, 2018 a total of 220 attendees, a figure which is significantly up on the previous year, visited the newly opened Rhein-Main Congress Center in Wiesbaden to gather information and exchange ideas about the latest developments in assistance systems, automated driving, and autonomous vehicles. The exhibition that accompanied the conference consisted of stands and exhibits from 22 companies.


In his keynote lecture, Michael Hafner from Daimler spoke about nothing less than “the reinvention of the automobile” and highlighted possible routes to achieving autonomous and accident-free driving. According to Hafner, the title of his speech was not an exaggeration, if the revolution in sensors, actuators, and computing power is taken into consideration. However, extensive testing is needed in order to be able to offer end customers safe systems. For example, Daimler has covered around ten million kilometers for testing purposes in Europe, Australia, the USA, and China...

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