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Accurate Cornering Every Time

  • Stefan Schlott
History Steering

Nowadays the main development goals for steering systems are safety, comfort, and fuel consumption, but this has not always been the case. For many years the subject was relegated to the sidelines, even in ATZ. The introduction of electrical and electronic systems has led to a wave of innovations in the field of steering. These developments are still continuing today and are paving the way for autonomous driving functions.

The ability to move about freely on the roads is one of the joys of driving. A steering system is an essential requirement for doing this. But the early issues of ATZ have very little to say on this subject. Once the first steering system had been developed and subsequently adapted to different models of car, apparently there was not much to report. A rack, a small gear set, two track rods, a steering column, and a steering wheel were all that was needed. However, the steering wheel itself was once an innovation. Photos of very early motor vehicles, like the Model 3...

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