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“Rolling noise does not evoke an emotional response”

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Suppliers are working to develop new materials and technologies that will improve vehicle acoustics. In the ATZ interview Dr. Maurizio Mantovani, Head of Research and Technology at Autoneum, explains which noises predominate in electric vehicles, how the WLTP has influenced development processes, and how analog and digital methods of reducing noise can complement one another.

ATZ _ Dr. Mantovani, new cars are becoming less noisy, but do we really want a completely silent interior?

Mantovani _ Driving is all about experiencing emotions. The engine gives the driver feedback about the car’s acceleration and how quickly it is accelerating. But we believe that people will want their cars to be increasingly quiet, particularly in the case of the new mobility models, such as autonomous driving. However, many customers still feel the need for acoustic feedback, even from electric cars.

What are the differences in terms of acoustics and NVH between electric cars and vehicles with combustion...

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