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Integrated Supply System for Air Springs

  • Uwe Folchert
Development Chassis

An electronically controlled air suspension offers a high level of comfort and can effectively support vehicle dynamics. Continental has further developed its self-contained air supply system into an integrated unit. This integrated solution, called CAirS, is scalable, provides a simple passenger car level control for the front and rear axles, but also controls an adaptive air suspension chassis.

Growing Scope of Use for Air

Electronically controlled air spring systems offer the driver the opportunity to adjust their vehicle’s suspension and damping behavior to suit different requirements and driving conditions. In addition, sensors recognize the current driving conditions and adjust the chassis to an optimal balance of driving comfort and vehicle dynamics.

In doing so, there is a smooth transition between comfort functions and functions related to vehicle dynamics. This lowers the center of gravity and supports a more sporty driving style with higher curve speed or higher cruising...


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