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Trends and Events

Trends and Events

Adhesive Joints under the Magnetic Microscope

Over the next two years, the researchers working on the newly launched NMRBond research project at the SKZ plastics centre will be focusing on the non-destructive testing of several different types of adhesive joints using single-sided nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR).

Adhesives are playing an increasingly important role in industrial applications. "The constantly growing demand for lightweight components and the continuous improvements being made to adhesive systems are the driving forces behind the latest developments. Although previous methods used to inspect adhesive joints produce reliable results, they are only suitable for random testing and are often destructive," explains SKZ researcher Norbert Halmen.

One option for the non-destructive testing of adhesive joints is the use of NMR measuring systems with single-sided access to the samples. Because of their special design, these systems make it possible to measure the...

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