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Innovative Contact-Free Material Testing Method

  • Xarion Laser Acoustics GmbH
Plant and Processing Equipment

In order to test composites, welds or adhesive joints for defects, non-destructive testing using ultrasound has been established in companies. The Austrian company Xarion has now developed a new type of optical microphone with which the measuring process can be carried out without contact. This significantly reduces the amount of testing required.

In non-destructive ultrasonic testing, a large part of the sound is already reflected at the interface between air and material. Therefore, a coupling medium such as water or gel must be applied and the test head has to be moved along the workpiece. This requires a complicated assembly and an increase in test duration.

In order to ensure quality assurance by means of a non-contact method and at the same time to provide a new option for inline process monitoring, the Austrian company Xarion has developed a novel optical microphone: The laser-based Eta250 Ultra ultrasonic microphone ( Figure 1) is based on the principle that sound waves...

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