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New Generation of Primary Packaging for Adhesives

  • Christian Majoleth
  • Tobias Bodenmüller

In the adhesives and sealants market containers cannot be eliminated completely. But now Sulzer has designed a new packaging system for two-component adhesives with a collapsible cartridge to provide a green solution without sacrificing quality or performance.

With the ecopaCC cartridge Sulzer's Applicator Systems Division engineered a next-generation primary packaging for adhesives applications. The cartridge is collapsible and consists of high-tech multilayer foils suitable for various adhesive and sealant materials.

More environmentally friendly solution

The outstanding feature of ecopaCC is its collapsible structure. The two conventional, rigid, side-by-side tubes of two-component cartridges have been replaced with flexible films. "These film tubes are inserted into a reusable, rigid support sleeve ( Figure 1). Integrated pistons in the support sleeve ensure compatibility with existing two-component dispensers. The rigid support ensures that the system can withstand the extrusion...

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  • Christian Majoleth
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  • Tobias Bodenmüller
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  1. 1.Sulzer Mixpac LtdHaagSchweiz

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