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Automated Adhesive Dosing Reduces Unit Costs

  • Reinhardt-Technik GmbH
Plant and Processing Equipment

Production of filters is a high-precision process. Narrow tolerances and fine materials require precise assembly processes, in which many work steps have to be carried out manually. A fuel filter solution developed by a globally present manufacturer enjoys steadily increasing quantities. In order to ensure the readiness for delivery and the quality level even at high output, the filter encapsulation, which had previously been carried out manually, had to be automated.

The filter solutions of a German filter manufacturer meet the highest quality requirements in all industries and branches. In addition to oil, air, fuel and hydraulic filters for mobile and stationary applications, the product range also includes special product areas. These include ventilation and air-conditioning technology, water filtration, protective ventilation systems for e.g. landfill vehicles, soot particle filters for industrial trucks and many other areas of application. A decisive factor for the stability and...

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