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Innovative Method for Laminating Wood-Based Panels

  • Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
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The meanwhile established "reacTec" laminating technology, based on the thermal reactivation of hotmelt adhesives for coating applications, has been a joint development by Henkel, Homag and Nordson. This technology opened a range of application possibilities and comprehensive control options, leading to a significant improvement in the properties of coated wood-based panels.

As a market-penetrating, new technology for the lamination of wood-based panels with decorative films or papers, reacTec has attracted a lot of attention. Henkel is one of the companies involved in the development of the technology to apply thermoplastic hotmelts and reactivate them in a follow-up step and stresses that this procedure has the potential for revolutionizing the entire coating process of wood-based panels ( Figure 1).

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