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New Adhesives for Electronics Applications

For electronics applications in particular, Panacol has developed a new product family of adhesives with a low halogen content that cure with UV light and humidity and are therefore suitable for temperature-sensitive components.

Protection for electronic components on PCBs

Vitralit UD 8050 is a one-component acrylate adhesive which was primarily developed as an encapsulant for the protection of electronic components on PCBs. It can be cured with UV or visible light. Die to its moisture post-curing mechanism, curing is also guaranteed in areas that are not reached by UV light, for example in shadowed areas or deeper layers of the adhesive.

Focused dispensing

Special versions of the adhesive are available for specific requirements. For example, due to its shear-thinning behavior, Vitralit UD 8050 MV F has improved flow control and offers focused dispensing on individual components. According to Panacol, its particularly low ion content prevents...

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