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Innovative Assessment Concept for Qualitative Adhesive Selection

  • Martin Brandtner-Hafner

High-tech applications require high-tech solutions. This is especially true in the field of adhesive technology. When it comes to special applications with high safety requirements, the fracture-analytical quality assessment of adhesive bonds is a basic necessity to minimize the risk of failure and thus to achieve process reliability during operation over lifetime.

The rapid progress of adhesively bonded composite systems places ever greater demands on their quality, reliability and longevity - ultimate parameters that must proof in practice.

In addition, the requirement of efficiency of the bonded parts from the market requires the maximum possible utilization and extraction of the components up to their limitation of use and beyond. Such an "outbidding" needs the "fully understanding" of softening processes within the interface of an adhesive bond, where high risk of fail prevails in case of an overload.

In the future, composite materials will also have to be able to guarantee...

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  • Martin Brandtner-Hafner
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