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Dry Cleaning can Favor Adhesion

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Plant and Processing Equipment

Before coating, more and more plastic parts are being cleaned by the CO2 snow jet technology Advantages of this dry procedure are among others cost, space and resource savings.

As with metallic components, plastic components have long been cleaned with powerwash systems prior to painting. The components first pass through a cleaning step with a mostly alkaline medium. This is followed by several rinsing zones, a residual water dryer and a cooling zone. Cleaning not only takes up a lot of production space, but also consumes large quantities of resources.

Furthermore, plastic components behave differently from their metal counterparts. The heat introduced during the cleaning step causes the plastic parts to expand, with the result that water is stored. During the drying process, the parts are heated once again. This could be one reason why formulations ingredients of the plastic as well as separating agents, additives or fillers, which have migrated upwards from deeper layers, can later...

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