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Waterborne Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Clear Filmic Labels and Graphics

  • Olga BernatovaEmail author
Applications Labelling and Packaging

The label and packaging industry is constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the look of a label and/or packaging. With ever stricter environmental standards and regulations, as well as consumers’ increasing awareness of sustainability and environmental responsibility, the search for green and environmentally friendly products is becoming a key task for the label and packaging industry.

The history of adhesives goes back a long way. About 200,000 years ago, stone tools were bound to wooden handles with natural materials such as tar from birch bark /1, 2/. Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs), however, were only discovered and used by the surgeon Horace Day in 1845 /3/. He made the first crude surgical adhesive tape and used it in his practice.

While the history of label was dated from 17th century, the first label was simply a hand-written parchment attached to a wine bottle with string. Label with adhesives became common in the 18thcentury and was mainly used in the wine and...


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