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Heat Shields Increase Battery Safety in Electric Vehicles

Greater range without the battery growing in size and weight: higher energy density creates a basis for the broad acceptance of electric vehicles and is the top priority for battery developers. But the more energy that is stored in a confined space, the greater the safety requirements. Precautions are therefore essential in case a damaged cell overheats. Experts call this phenomenon “thermal runaway”, and it can cause the temperatures in a cell to rise to as high as 600 °C. The risk is that the battery’s cooling system would not be able to drain the heat away quickly enough under these conditions. If neighboring healthy cells also heat up due to the heat buildup, the result can be a chain reaction that, in the worst case, could cause the entire battery system to explode.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is working to counteract this risk with a new development. Heat shields between individual cells are designed in such a way...

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