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Adhesion from the Plasma Nozzle

  • Inès A. Melamies
Plant and Processing Equipment Surface Pretreatment

Only a vision just 25 years ago, plasma from the nozzle now sets the standards for the pretreatment of material surfaces prior to bonding in virtually every sector of industry around the world. Automotive engineering in particular has benefited from the atmospheric pressure plasma process first integrated into series production in the mid-90s.

The industry had long been waiting for an alternative to wet chemical cleaners and adhesion promoters for series production. Growing demands in the nineties for environmentally friendly, safe in-line pretreatment processes called for new methods which did not require wet chemicals and were at the same time more process-reliable and cost-effective. With the development of Openair-Plasma technology in 1995 followed ten years later by the Plasma-Plus coating technology jointly patented with the Fraunhofer IFAM in Bremen, Christian Buske, founder of the Westphalian technology developer and systems engineer Plasmatreat, more than granted this wish. He...

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