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Adhesive Tapes and Structural Bonding — The Best of Both Worlds

  • Christina Barg-BeckerEmail author
  • Reinhold Domanski
Adhesives and Sealants High-Performance Tapes

In the case of structural bonding with special adhesive tapes, the substrates are permanently bonded together for the purpose of withstanding extreme loads. In contrast to the pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes, their activation takes place only by means of a chemical reaction (usually heat). Structural adhesives enable the absorption of high forces, withstand high temperatures, meet the highest safety-related requirements and create a permanently stable bond. For which applications are these adhesive films suitable and what should be considered in their use?

The demands of the industry on high-tech bonding systems are increasing. Not least, because bonding belongs to one of the most promising issues for the future in many industrial sectors. For example, when it comes to the performance, safety, economy, design and process optimization of bonded components, adhesive bonding technology is the optimal solution. But how do you choose which particular adhesive technology? Adhesive tapes or...

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