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Requirements for Modern Carbody Adhesives

  • Michael Gutgsell Email author
Adhesives and Sealants Structural Adhesives

A new generation of SikaPower structural adhesives is based on a modular system that makes it possible to combine a wide range of material properties. The basis is a special low-viscosity epoxy resin matrix. The innovative feature of this system is its combination of low viscosity and outstanding wash-out resistance. These adhesives also cover a very large bonding range. To be specific, they exhibit excellent properties on the zinc-magnesium coated steel substrates we have been hearing so much about lately.

Bonding as a joining method is now being discussed particularly often in connection with the implementation of lightweight construction concepts. For example, special adhesive systems have been developed for the bonding of mixed structures (e.g. steel/aluminum or steel/CRP) so that the bond remains intact during heat-curing even when the individual substrates have different thermal expansion coefficients. Adhesive systems such as these can make a significant contribution to the...

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