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Resignment: Infection is grateful to Prof. Alexander von Graevenitz

  • Johannes R. BognerEmail author

This year is the last year Professor von Graevenitz did peer reviews for Infection. This has a simple reason: aged 86, he has decided to sign out as an active reviewer and I take the opportunity to express our gratitude to him also on behalf of my predecessors Prof. Walter Marget (+ 2013) and Prof. Christian Ruef.

Prof. von Graevenitz has served within the Editorial Board of Infection since 1973, and the number of his peer reviews exceeds 1000-exactly 499 since his registration with the online peer-review system in September 2005. Moreover, he was active as an author of 25 contributions since 1984, including review articles, editorials and originals. However, perhaps equally important contributions to Infection were his support, his advice to the editors, authors, and publishers, his commitment and his friendship.

Von Graevenitz was born in 1932 in the German city of Leipzig and his present citizenship is Swiss and US-American. He lives in Switzerland where he became Director of the Department of Microbiology at the University of Zürich after a long international scientific career. After finishing medical school in 1955 in Bonn he served as a research fellow and intern/physician at many places: Bonn, Hamburg, Milwaukee, Mainz, Yale, and New Haven. During his professional life, he always was both: researcher and physician. Thus, he always was interested in research and contributions that really count for the patient. Since the year 2000, he is Professor Emeritus but ever since he remained active in many fields. Needless to mention that his curriculum is full of diplomas, awards and committee memberships. His bibliography comprises 181 originals, 66 reviews, 71 book chapters, 6 books (Editor or Co-Editor) and 37 other publications.

Dear Professor von Graevenitz! Thank you so much for all you have done for Infection. Farewell and enjoy just reading Infection for many upcoming years.

Munich, September 2018

Johannes R. Bogner

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