Simultaneous treatment of HCl–SO2–NOx gas with Mg–Al layered double hydroxide intercalated with CO32− and its recycling process

  • T. KamedaEmail author
  • M. Tochinai
  • S. Kumagai
  • T. Yoshioka
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This study presents a method for recycling Mg–Al layered double hydroxide intercalated with CO32− (CO3·Mg–Al LDH) for acid gas treatment by combining the simultaneous removal of HCl, SO2, and NOx with CO3·Mg–Al LDH and regeneration using Na2CO3 solution. CO3·Mg–Al LDH shows simultaneous removal capability for HCl, SO2, and NO2 with HCl–SO2–NO2 mixtures. In addition, CO3·Mg–Al LDH shows simultaneous removal capability for HCl and SO2 with HCl–SO2–NO mixtures, but the removal performance for NO is low. Recycling with the HCl–SO2–NO2 mixture had little effect on the acid gas removal up to the third treatment, thereby demonstrating that it is feasible to use CO3·Mg–Al LDH for recycled acid gas treatment.


Simultaneous treatment HCl–SO2–NOx CO3·Mg–Al LDH Recycling 



This research was supported by the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund (3K163007) of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan.

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