Effect on different TiO2 photocatalyst supports on photodecolorization of synthetic dyes: a review

  • M. A. Mohd Adnan
  • N. Muhd JulkapliEmail author
  • M. N. I. Amir
  • A. Maamor


This review focuses on the investigation and development of various support materials in TiO2 photocatalyst system with special emphasis on the photodecolorization of synthetic dyes. Efforts have been devoted to find suitable support material of TiO2 for improving its recovery efficiency and adsorption capability. The relationship between the structural characteristics and physicochemical reactivity properties of the supported TiO2 photocatalysis has been highlighted. The vicinity of photocatalysis and support system significantly accelerated the transfer step between adsorption and overall oxidative of decolorization process. Comparison of the photodecolorization with several synthetic dyes has been made and concluded that the photocatalytic activities have been influenced by the structural and surface properties of the photocatalyst.

Graphical Abstract


Photodegradability Light irradiation Pollutant Water treatment 



This work is financially supported by the University of Malaya Research Grant (UMRG: RP-2012E), Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS: FP049-2013B) by University of Malaya and Ministry of High Education (MOE), Malaysia.


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