Refractory neuropathic pain from a median nerve injury: spinal cord or peripheral nerve stimulation? A case report

  • Q. DewandreEmail author
  • A. Dubuisson
  • B. Kaschten
  • G. Reuter
  • D. Martin
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Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) is the most frequently used neuromodulation technique even for neurogenic pain from a peripheral nerve injury although peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) has been designed for this purpose. PNS appears less invasive than SCS or deep brain stimulation. It provides greater and specific target coverage and it could be more cost-effective than SCS because low electrical stimulation is exclusively delivered to the precise painful territory. We report a case of excellent result following median nerve stimulation at arm level after SCS failure and a 10-year history of intense pain. PNS would certainly have been considered much earlier if it was accepted and reimbursed by the Belgium National Insurance. PNS is a safe, simple, and efficient technique available for decades but it is still considered as experimental and underemployed. Belgian National Insurance fears an explosion of indications on neuromodulation if PNS was reimbursed. We consider that PNS aside SCS and other neuromodulation techniques should be made available in Belgium in case of peripheral chronic neuropathic pain.


Peripheral nerve stimulation Spinal cord stimulation Neuromodulation Neuropathic pain Neurogenic pain 


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