Versatile catalysis of “natural extract”: oxidation of sulfides and alcohols and ipso-hydroxylation of arylboronic acids

  • Apurba Dutta
  • Abdul Aziz Ali
  • Diganta SarmaEmail author
Original Paper


In the present work, we have described the versatile applications of naturally available inexpensive citrous lemon juice as biocatalyst for controlled oxidation of sulfides and alcohols and ipso-hydroxylation of arylboronic acids using 30% H2O2 as a green oxidant. A series of structurally divergent sulfides and benzyl alcohols were oxidized to their corresponding sulfoxides and aldehydes, respectively, with good-to-excellent yields. Similarly, aryl and heteroaryl boronic acids were rapidly, often within minutes, transformed to their corresponding phenols at room temperature.

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Green chemistry Biocatalyst Lemon juice Oxidation Ipso-hydroxylation Hydrogen peroxide 



D.S. is thankful to DST, New Delhi, India, for a research Grant [No. EMR/2016/002345]. The authors acknowledge the Department of Science and Technology for financial assistance under DST-FIST program and UGC, New Delhi, for Special Assistance Programme (UGC-SAP) to the Department of Chemistry, Dibrugarh University. We acknowledge Dr. Arvind Kumar, Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Gijubhai Badheka Marg, Bhavnagar 364002, Gujarat, India, and Dr. Ankur Bordoloi Scientist, Nano catalysis, Catalytic Conversion and Process Division CSIR–Indian institute of petroleum, Mohkampur, Dehradun-248005, India, for recording the NMR spectra.


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  1. 1.Department of ChemistryDibrugarh UniversityDibrugarhIndia

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