Beilo, James: Ark Encounter: The Making of a Creationist Theme Park

New York University Press, New York, 2018
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Scholars have written extensively on the creationist movement in the United States. While Ronald Number’s The Creationists provides what many consider the definitive historical account of the movement, various other treatments have focused on specific historical episodes or analyzed the movement through particular disciplinary lenses. What nearly all scholarly accounts have in common, however, is what James Bielo refers to as the “religion-science” analytic frame. This frame focuses on how creationists selectively contest and appropriate aspects of the symbolic and material cultures of modern science. While recognizing its obvious legitimacy, Bielo argues that this frame may be masking important aspects of creationist public culture. In Ark Encounter: The Making of a Creationist Theme Park, Bielo pursues an alternative analytic frame—one he dubs “religion-entertainment”—through an ethnographic account of the creative team designing a creationist theme park in Kentucky.

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