Manglos-Weber, Nicolette D.: Joining the Choir: Religious Membership and Social Trust Among Transnational Ghanaians

Oxford University Press, New York, 2017
  • Jualynne E. DodsonEmail author
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This focused ethnographic study of sixteen transnational Ghanaian migrants’ religious and social expectations in the U.S. could initially deceive the reader into thinking it’s another work of “auto-ethnography”. That would be unfortunate because Dr. Manglos-Weber does a better job of identifying and incorporating larger, socio-cultural issues than auto-ethnographic study might suggest.

Nicolette Manglos-Weber is Assistant Professor of Religion and Society, School of Theology, Boston University and her sociological grounding may have provided an ability to raise larger, social assimilation questions through congregational participation. Joining the Choircontains eight topical chapters: Introduction and Conclusion chapters; seven pages on “Research Methodology;” nine pages of “Notes” for the narrative chapters; thirteen pages of “References” and ten pages of “Index,” all packed into two-hundred and twenty-nine written pages. Not listed in the introductory presentation are about six...


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