Dialogue with Emerging Engineers

Julianna Theado, Ohio Wesleyan University

Julianna Theado is a senior chemistry major at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Describe your current research project. How would you describe the impact of your work? Were there any surprising findings yet?

I am currently working to test the reliability differences between solder and a copper adhesive. We are performing various tests to see how well the adhesive holds up to the solder. The first test performed was a connection penetration test. We cut various 1” pieces of 3/8” copper tubing and connected two of them with a straight connector. The adhesive was used to connect five samples, while solder was used for another five samples. Each sample was cut down the middle lengthwise, then viewed with a stereoscope to measure the depth of penetration of each joining method. The best piece of each method were mounted in epoxy, polished, and viewed with an optical microscope to observe how even each joining method was in each of the two samples. The second test was a tension test, in which 7”...

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