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Dennis L Buchanan and Mark H A Davis: Metals and energy finance: application of quantitative finance techniques to the evaluation of minerals, coal and petroleum projects: 2nd edition

World Scientific Publishing, 2019, hardcover ISBN 978-1-78634-587-5, softcover ISBN 978-1-78634-627-8, ebook ISBN 978-1-78634-589-91
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Dennis Buchanan is Emeritus Professor of Mining Geology and Senior Research Fellow at the Imperial College London and has 38 years of experience in teaching mining geology, mineral exploration and mineral project appraisal. He is the Director of the MSc in Metals and Energy Finance programme at Imperial. In addition, he has practised as a mining geologist in the gold and platinum mines of South Africa. Mark Davis, who is a contributor to the book, is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Mathematics at Imperial, where from 2000 to 2012 he was Professor and Head of the Mathematical Finance Group. He has also worked in a number of financial roles in the City of London, including project finance.

As you would imagine from the background of Dennis Buchanan and Mark Davis, this text focuses on the interface between conventional and financial engineering as relating to the world of metals and energy finance. The current MSc programme is a joint degree between the Department of Earth...


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