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Marian Radetzki—a portrait of a close friend

  • Nils Lundgren

This book is what we call a festschrift. Such books normally contain scientific articles by research colleagues of the person celebrated. However, this particular contribution should be seen as a very personal presentation of Marian Radetzki by a close friend. It is true that Marian Radetzki and I both are economists and have known each other since the sixties, but we have not really met in research in economics. On the other hand, we have developed a close friendship over the years and our views of major economic and political issues have tended to become more similar, even though enough disagreement remains to make for interesting exchanges of views during lunches, dinners, and forest walks.

At a superficial level, our lives may seem very parallel. We were both born in 1936. During our years as schoolboys in Swedish elementary school, Marian in Stockholm and me in a small town of in the west of Sweden, we both had little contact with more educated people. We were both considered...


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